About Beat the Virus

Our coalition of experts in public health, data analytics, media and marketing is focused on empowering people with information we need during every stage of the fight.

Delivering trusted information in a fragmented space

In responding to the coronavirus during the coming months, the U.S. will face a series of challenges ranging from social distancing to mass-scale testing, caring for the sick, and eventually returning to “normal” life in a responsible way.

With our fragmented news and social media ecosystem, logical sources of trustworthy public health information (public health agencies and news organizations) are challenged to reach people with messages that are consistent, up-to-date, understandable and actionable.


#BeatTheVirus aims to help guide people through these extraordinary challenges with critical, trusted, and engaging public health messages.


Connecting to our mission

We're leveraging a network of public health experts to track the pandemic and recommend behaviors to help people stay healthy and prevent the spread.

We've built a community of social influencers – artists, athletes, celebrities and creatives – who are using their voices to amplify #BeatTheVirus

We deploy state-of-the-art media analytics to guide the development and delivery of #BeatTheVirus communications across U.S. audiences to support public understanding.


Broad reach in early stages

In the first few days we have reached over 100 million people, powered by over 20,000 individual posts, and we're just getting started.


Individual actions for collective impact

Join the effort by posting on social, creating content, sharing this with your friends, following us, and tagging #BeatTheVirus


Thanks for the support.

#BeatTheVirus is made possible by a coalition of collaborators across public health, media, tech, research, education, sports, entertainment, and professional services.